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Intense pure shafts of light define these artworks. They are claro-obscuro , Light Radiant Icons. The LEDs  neon- like tubes illuminate shapes.  Reflected tones bathe color on the surfaces of the constructs. The flash of intense color lights (claro) parts of the forms. Other sections are unlit (obscuro) .

This art prompts a visceral reaction in the viewer. Saturated red emits emotions; different than the blue radiance of another piece.For some viewers, the insistent  force of the light is difficult.  The intensity of  the depth of tones and reflections impede simple interpretation. But the human eye has the capacity to evaluate the range of contrasts, from glare to dark shadows.  Photographs show the limitations of lenses and settings to capture the depth of hues and accuracy of the art. These works do not passively sit, but demand a visual engagement.


Drawing enables one to use many sources; line, movement, idea , pure release. Drawing is the counterpoint to the series of light related works;  within a disciplined approach; the expediency of paper works, opening paths without resolution activates all of us.  Drawing is Secret Writing; not meant to be explained or defended.  Is there a place for immediate non-verbal drawings and light related sculptures in the 21st cent.?   Perhaps  only I do not want directions to every place; endless feedback and constant interaction.  Images of every moment and a self-absorption obsession as a trivialized, politicized version of life.

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"I have been fortunate that many of my former students have continued in the arts, with recognition in scholarships, exhibitions, writings, teaching. The impact nationally and internationally is so much more than I ever imagined, because creativity is so demanding. I am honored to play a role in their lives."


James Nestor is a sculptor and performance artist. He has also written articles in Sculpture magazine and Artpapers on contemporary art and education. He retired as Professor Emeritus after 25 years at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, since 1986. He earned the unusual Doctor of Arts in  Sculpture, with a Carnegie Corporation Scholarship from Carnegie Mellon University in 1979, working with Dr. David Carrier. He also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts & Masters of Art (Studio Sculpture) from Kent State University, where he studied with Joseph Konzal. At Kent, he was a student for both Robert Smithson’s Partially Buried Woodshed and the tragic shootings on May 4. Early on, he was a blues musician.                                                                                                          

Nestor had a retrospective exhibition "elapsed" in the Fall, 2010 at Indiana Univ. of Penn. He has lectured and exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, primarily.

In 2005, he lectured in 3 Universities in China, including Nanjing Art Institute.He received the Fulbright Senior Fellowship to visit

twice and participate with a panel of  artists and scholars to write a contemporary curriculum for ESPORA, Managua, Nicaragua in 2007.

Earlier non traditional projects and performances were on sites ranging from the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua, to St. Marks Square, Venice, Italy and Nanjing University,  China. Nestor has also initiated exchange programs with the University of Zagreb, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Opole University, Poland.

He supports trips to museums and galleries in New York, Wash. DC, Chicago and internationally to Toronto, London, Paris, Rome,


these efforts under a rigorous plan supports his view of an expansive need to experience great art, visiting artists and an open approach to media, new methods, experimentation and a team approach (students with faculty) to creative making.

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